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Healthcare your

family can trust

Pro-life benefits. Pro-life doctors.
25% more affordable health insurance.

Mom and baby

Yes, real faith-based health insurance.

That means...

...we negotiate and pay
your medical bills

...we legally guarantee
medical payments

...we cover your catastrophic
medical needs

Why Presidio

Christian families

deserve better options...

Accessing quality health care shouldn't compromise your family's values or financial security.

If you join a faith-based alternative, your values are aligned... but managing the bills can become a part-time job.

After building health insurance solutions over the last 10+ years, we created Presidio to be the health care insurance solution families deserve.

That means the simplicity and security of traditional insurance–without compromising your values.

Frustrated woman

The Presidio Solution

Personalized care 

for the whole family.

Flexible. Fuss-free. For everyone.

Health insurance
Whether you are purchasing coverage for yourself or your family of 12, you can see any doctor at any hospital. Plus, customizable plans can be tailored to your family's needs.

Pro-life doctors
Get connected to pro-life doctors in your area. Community members rate, review, and reco
mmend doctors you can trust.

Pro-life benefits*
We cover what others won't, including mental health, pharmacy, fertility support and home births - all with no coverage limits.

*All benefits will adhere to the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. 

Family walking on beach

Community like no other.
Like-minded. Life-affirming.

Share, recommend and rate local doctors. So everyone knows who to trust.

Note, these are not real doctors or reviews. But imagine if you could solicit recommendations from a trusted community.

Doctor Wearing a Tie

100+ members recommend

Rich Williams, MD


"He compassionately guided us through our infertility in line with our faith and our beliefs."

Female Doctor

53 members recommend

Alisa Hester, MD


"Dr. Hester prayed with my husband and I before his major surgery which was truly a blessing in a time of anxiety for us."

Young Doctor

26 members recommend

Dr. Alex Young

Primary care

"Dr. Young was a great physician for our family. He respected our authority as parents, always walked us through the pros and cons of various medical decisions."

We're building this feature!

Help us by recommending doctors you trust.


Why Choose Presidio

Pro-life  •  Financially secure  •  Affordable  •  Convenient  


Benefits are pro-life

Connection to pro-life doctors

Guaranteed payments (insurance)

25% savings vs. Obamacare

Bills managed for you


Benefits not pro-life

No connection to pro-life doctors

Guaranteed payments (insurance)


Bills managed for you

Health Sharing

Benefits are pro-life

No connection to pro-life doctors

No guaranteed payments

50% savings vs. Obamacare

Bills managed by patient

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